Thinking about having an office space makeover and refurbishment? Even the act of considering that option demonstrates your concern for the impression that your workplace is giving to clients, visitors, and employees. Nonetheless, you may also have second thought in pursuing office refurbishment due to the costs and potential business disruptions it may cause. But have you also considered the perks and advantages of fit out and refurbishment to your office space? Let’s take a look on how office refurbishment companies (Sydney) can help you freshen up your office and make a lasting favourable impression on others.

Boost employee morale

An innovative and aesthetic office space with mood-lifting colour and an organized set up can have a positive impact to the work disposition of the employees as individual or as a team. Allowing them to work in a pleasing and comfortable environment will surely motivate them to perform passionately and bring quality work output.

Create Functional spaces

Office refurbishment provides an opportunity to organize the workspace by removing unnecessary furniture and equipment and replacing it with more functional items that save space. It will be the right time to reassess the office fixtures and furnishings, as well as the office layout and design. It’s beneficial to redesign the existing space into an area that allows easy access to frequently used equipment and technology. This result in lesser hassles for employees and minimized disruptions to business operations.

Enhance lighting efficiency

Choosing the proper lighting as part of an office renovation project can provide numerous health benefits, both physically and mentally. Because lighting has a substantial impact on the welfare and comfort of the employees and clients, you should highly consider the effective lighting solutions recommended by office refurbishment contractors. For example, you may opt to invest in office fit-out glazing walls and partitioning to allow natural lighting in the workplace. Optimizing the amount of natural light in the office improves the work productivity and alertness of the employees. By investing on this kind of lighting system in your office, you can set a positive tone and atmosphere in a collaborative working environment.

Get advantage of the best office refurbishment services

Indeed, an office refurbishment can revitalize your company. It can encourage your employees and create a warm welcome vibe for your clients and visitors. In fact, office refurbishment costs don’t need to be expensive. With the proper planning, evaluation, and implementation, you can save money on office fit-out and refurbishment projects while still getting great results. You simply need to have a reliable partner who can assist you throughout the project.

Brandboy is one of the top office refurbishment companies and has a proven track record of completing successful retail and commercial office refurbishment projects in Australia. We have assisted several leading retail companies and corporate building owners with the physical and digital transformation of their businesses. Brandboy is well aware that you want to mitigate business disruptions during the office refurbishment process as you prioritize not causing inconvenience to your customers. With our strategic project management, we ensure that you can still do your business as usual.

We can be assigned to all trades – joinery, internal and external signage, carpentry, fixtures, electrical and data cabling, plumbing, internal and external painting, glazing and replacements, façade, flooring, roofing, and other related services. We specialize in multi-site construction, fit-out, signage, concrete, Refurbishment, maintenance, Head of Contract, and remedial projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Successful retail companies understand the important role of creative marketing and advertising in the sales profitability of their business. That’s why retail signage is essentially included in its business plans and budget as part of the company’s marketing strategy. Over the years, many businesses in Sydney Australia and other cities – Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Townsville, and Canberra – adopted retail digital signage in stores, malls, and shopping centres.

What exactly is retail signage?

Retail signage is any type of visual or graphic representation that provides information and direction to potential customers about your products or services. It can come in various styles and designs such as banners, billboards, fascia signage, 3D print signage, posters, pylon signs, LED lightboxes, LED custom signs, wayfinding signage, and digital signage displays. Through retail signage, many businesses improve their communication line with their clients, thus enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

But what makes a good retail signage?

Here are some of the tips and suggestions for effective signage that will draw customers to your stores and boost sales.

Keep it simple and concise.

When it comes to signage, it’s not effective to put too much text and information. Consider how people’s attention spans now have gotten shorter than before. As most customers are always in a hurry in today’s fast-paced world, you need to simplify your message in the retail signage while still incorporating the essential points you want to convey to them.

Ensure readability.

Choose font characters that are clearly visible to the target audience. Make sure the fonts and graphics are easy to read, even from a distance. As to the size of the signage, larger signages are usually more effective than the smaller ones, which are harder for customers to read quickly.

Select the appropriate colour for the painting of the signage. If you want clearer visibility, it is advisable to select a light colour for the background while a dark palette for the text. But make sure also that the colour you use for the signage matches your company brand logo to ensure consistency.

Choose the right material.

Before deciding on what material you will use for your retail signage, you need to consider some factors first. For example, consider how long you plan to use the signage. If the signage is just going to be used temporarily, you might want to choose acrylic, foamcore, or other lightweight yet sturdy and affordable material signage. Nevertheless, it is advisable to select a more sturdy and high-quality premium material, such as glass or metal, if the signage is meant to be used permanently. Paying extra costs to put up weatherproof and resilient signages – particularly for those outdoor retail signage and displays – can make your investment last for many years. On the other hand, if you want signage options that allow you to change the information and details frequently, your company should give indoor and outdoor digital signage installation some serious consideration. Click here to know more about the benefits of digital signage in businesses.


Indeed, investing in effective retail signage can create a positive customer experience and contribute to the growth of your business. To get started, you need to contact reputable signage companies such as Brandboy to explore the right signage solutions. The Brandboy team of professionals has worked with leading retail and commercial companies in the design and installation of signage within stores, shopping centres, malls, and other business establishments. We have a proven track record of transforming spaces where businesses thrive. We offer different shop signage solutions such as wayfinding, custom signs, LED signage, real estate signage, pylon and fascia signage, graphic walls, internal and external signage, digital signage, and custom design signs.

Contact us at 0451 816 788 or email if you’d like to learn more about our signage services. We are always willing to assist you.


In today’s competitive world, most businesses are investing in marketing strategies with a proven track record in lead generation and boosting sales. As advertising progressed dramatically over the past few years, traditional marketing methods such as printed media have decreased. Because of the massive trend of electronic and online information in the modern era, many companies have started to use dynamic digital signage (Australia) for their business. Learn more about the advantages of signage for your business and how digital signage company Sydney Australia can help you find the right signage solution.

Increase Brand Awareness

Through highly visible custom made signs, you can familiarise your target market with your brand. As you can set up exactly the digital signage where consumers are – whether in crowded shopping malls or on busy streets, you can potentially reach a wider audience through this platform, thus making your company more recognisable. Putting up your visually appealing company logo along with the brief, concise message on the display brand signage can effectively capture the attention of your audience. Even if they just glance at the screen display for a short time, they will most likely remember your company brand when they’re ready to purchase the product or service.

Improve information accessibility

Having digital signages within an organisation can hasten the dissemination of significant announcements and updates. Especially in a multi-site business, it’s quite helpful to have a centralised system to transmit the content to all digital signages installed in several offices in different locations. Display signs are much more economical and practical than printed notes or bulletins. As they can deliver real-time information, many companies have proven that digital signages are an effective communication tool for their business.

Boost Sales and Revenue

Displaying sales discounts and promotions on the high-definition screen is one of the main contributors to why customers come to your stores to avail of the limited-time offer, thus increasing your sales. By putting “call to action” advertising messages along with the eye-catching visuals in the digital signage, you can interact with your customers and seamlessly attract them to try your products and services.


If you’re looking for a reputable digital signage supplier with a reliable network of experienced sign makers and installers with a track record in providing high-quality signage installation services, Brandboy Australia is an ideal choice. Brandboy team can supply and install multiple screens across retail stores and drive the content through selected stores or all throughout the stores in multi-site locations. We can assist you in transforming spaces and putting up signages for your business with the commitment of delivering the service on time and within budget. We offer digital signage solutions such as wayfinding, experiential architecture, graphic walls, office signage, real estate signage, real estate custom signs, and custom design signs. We have successfully worked on the installation of digital signages within retail and commercial stores, shopping centres, trade exhibition sites, corporate firms, industrial sites, entertainment and hospitality facilities, and public transport infrastructure agencies Australia-wide.

Schedule a consultation with Brandboy to see how you can utilise digital signages to provide a quality service for your customers. Contact us today at 0451 816 788 to learn more about our effective digital signage solutions.


Over the years, contemporary business offices have undergone a number of changes and developments. From time to time, there are certain office trends that need to be adopted for the well-being of the employee and clients. But in reality, having major projects such as the retail and commercial office fitouts present various concerns and challenges. In addition to the financial and timeline considerations, you must also carefully consider to which fit-out company you will delegate the project implementation. There are various fit out companies out there, but to get the most out of your smart investment, you’ll need to look for a reputable and experienced fit-out company that can deliver proven high-quality and seamless services. Among the best commercial fitout companies Sydney is Brandboy, a reputable company specializing in refurbishment and construction fit out (Sydney).

Nevertheless, you might be curious how an office fitout contributes to your company’s success. Let’s consider the following benefits.

Increase employee work productivity

According to several research studies, the productivity of employees can increase by up to 20% in a well-designed and comfortable office. The features of an office have been proven to have a significant impact on employee attitude, perspectives, and output. A work environment that is refreshing and engaging significantly assists in motivating staff and employees to perform more efficiently and bring creative, brilliant business concepts. In contrast, dull and outdated office styles produce unmotivated workers, thus creating high rates of employee turnover, which unquestionably have a detrimental impact on the operations and profitability of businesses. Having new office renovation and fitout in your workplace with the assistance of refurbishment office contractors can give you an opportunity to modify the office layout and design to create a more accommodating work atmosphere for your staff. The consideration of remodeling office space and upgrading the furnishings, colors, and arrangement in favor of the employee’s health and well-being will lead to effective employee retention and save the organization from productivity disruptions.

Access to modern technology

As the work trends have gradually evolved over time, businesses need to apply modern technology to create adaptable and collaborative work spaces. Technological investments in your modern office can help employees work better in the new normal. Office remodeling contractors can help you transform your office into an agile and flexible workspace where your employees can access advanced tools and technology.


Making the right choice to embrace a project for an office refurbishment and renovation is one of the wisest things to do for your business. But to maximize the return on this worthwhile investment, you’ll need to find a reliable and experienced office renovation contractor that can provide top-notch fitout services and efficient office renovation project management.

Here in Australia, Brandboy is one of the best office renovation contractor with a track record and proven reputation for completing successful refurbishment and construction fitout projects. We have been assisting several top retail chains with their work spaces’ physical and digital transformation. Brandboy specializes in multi-site fitout projects and also gained considerable experience in renovation commercial office as well as home office renovation. We can be involved in all trades – joinery, internal and external signage, carpentry, fixtures, electrical and data cabling, plumbing, internal and external painting, glazing and replacements, façade, flooring, roofing, and other related services. We specialize in construction, fit-out, signage, concrete, refurbishment, maintenance, Head of Contract, and remedial projects in multi-site locations across Australia and New Zealand.

In order to fully integrate the physical development with the digital upgrade, we can also provide our clients with a flexible and agile technology platform within their company. With our vast experience and ability in end-to-end project management, including design, artwork, DA approvals, implementation, and maintenance, we can fully assist you in effectively transforming your spaces and enhancing your company’s value.

Contact us at 0451 816 788 or send us an email at to learn more about how we can assist you in the implementation of your office fitout project.


Among the major projects your company will likely engage in is an office refurbishment (or office renovation). To make sure the refurbishment project goes smoothly and produces satisfying results for your business in the long run, it needs to be carefully planned and implemented. On a broader scale, without paying the excessive fees associated with transferring to a new workplace, office refurbishments offer the perks of having a modernized and refreshed office. Our experts in office refurbishment Sydney have come up with this helpful guide containing a set of instructions to ensure your office refurbishment is as seamless as possible. Learn more about the quality office refurbishment services by reputable companies like Brandboy, and get the most out of your Sydney office refurbishment project.

What exactly is an office refurbishment?

An office refurbishment entails redesigning or renovating an existing space that has been used and occupied for several years. It typically include considerations like new flooring, furniture, windows, and ceilings, as well as updated technology and modernized interior design.

The property owner’s requirements and budget usually determine the refurbishment project’s scope. Whatever the case, whether simply repainting the old walls of a particular section of the office or a whole brand new renovation of the facility, an office refurbishment incorporates the brand, values, and mission of the company.

The difference between an office refurbishment and fit out

An office fit out is carried out on a new, empty space. During an office fit out, the essential framework and structure of the facility, including the electrical and mechanical works, are being prepared and established.

On the other hand, office refurbishment is done in a pre-existing office where changes are required to fit the client’s evolving needs. Perhaps the occupied space is no longer functional, becomes outdated or has insufficient resources; therefore a refurbishment is necessary to address the problems.

Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

If you’re still skeptical whether office refurbishment service would actually be beneficial to your business, here are some of the advantages to think about:

Boost work efficiency

Having an upgrade and refurbishments in your workplace can give you an opportunity to rearrange the office layout to create a more relaxed work environment that is favourable to your employees. As research studies have demonstrated, employees who are comfortable with the setup and arrangement of the workplace are likely to be more productive and efficient, thus contributing to higher profitability of the business. As you transform the office space into a more collaborative and refreshed workspace, employee morale will be enhanced, and all staff members, working individually or in teams, can deliver their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Strengthen Brand Image

As years progress, many companies find it significantly challenging to ignore the need to rebrand or make necessary changes to their brand image to keep up with the modern trend and development. In that case, whether the business undergoes a simple rebrand or a major one, you surely want to reflect the changes in every aspect of your business, including the office space. Retail and commercial office refurbishments can effectively integrate the right brand, colours, visuals, and logo of your company. As you sufficiently resonate your company brand image with your office space, you can leave a lasting, positive impact on your customers and prospective clients.

Get ready for your next office refurbishment project

Reputable office fit out companies like Brandboy can help you in transforming spaces where your business thrives. We can provide you with the innovative design you want and can also assist in your rebranding projects and commercial construction. As we specialize in multi-site projects Australia wide, we assure you that all refurbishments made will be consistent across all branch offices and stores. We can be involved in all trades – joinery, internal and external signage, carpentry, fixtures, electrical and data cabling, plumbing, internal and external painting, glazing and replacements, façade, flooring, roofing, and other related services. You can also rely on us in concept development, site audit and analysis, journey planning, conceptual signage design, value engineering, industrial and graphic design, project management, and full documentation.

The Brandboy team consists of skilled office refurbishment contractors with exceptional experience in office fit-out services including retail and commercial building design and construction that meet and exceed your expectations – under the agreed-upon budget and time. With our high-quality and detailed refurbishment services, the office refurbishment costs spent by our clients are worth it as the transformations can bring a positive return on investment to the business in the long run.

If you’d like to learn more about our office refurbishment solutions, please contact a member of our team by signing up for our form. Or give us a call now at 0451 816 788, and we’ll be happy to address all your concerns about your next renovation and fit-out project.


In most circumstances, whether you’re completely transferring to a new location or merely giving your current facilities an upgrade, fit out and refurbishment, the process of starting the project appears stressful and challenging. Certainly, you want the office space transformation to be cost-effective and cost-efficient to get the most out of your retail and commercial fit out.

To make your office upgrade less daunting, seeking assistance from Office Fit Out Companies can be a wise decision. Let’s check out the useful tips and recommendations from Fit Out Companies Sydney.

What’s the purpose of your office space?

Before deciding on office refurbishment, you need to visualize what will transpire in your office space. You may have thought about your employees working in their desk areas or collaboratively coordinating in team, and your client meetings in conference rooms. You might have also considered the other important components of your office space, such as the lobby, reception, storage rooms, and parking area. Carefully considering these factors can help you to better understand the flow of movement through each area and achieve a more organized and convenient workspace.

How do you want to accomplish the office fit-out?

Having an office fit out and refurbishment project is not only about simply upgrading and improving your property but also a good opportunity to promote and boost your company brand. As you consider your company’s brand name, logo, font, and colours throughout the project, more people will be aware of your brand and the product or service you offer. As proven by many successful companies, a quality transformation of their office space offers an excellent way to enhance the company’s presence and image among clients, thus increasing their sales and revenue.

Storage solutions for your office space

Among the primary objective of fit out and refurbishment is to optimize space by integrating space-saving features in the facility. A great investment for office, retail, and commercial fit out is the use of multi-purpose and modern storage furniture and equipment such as the functional wall shelves and bookcase with a fold-down table.

Custom joinery designs, rather than prefabricated furniture, are particularly advantageous for businesses with small or limited spaces. You can seek advice from reputable fit out company (office fit outs Sydney) for your space-saving storage solutions and take advantage of their retail and office tailor-made joinery to fit any interior space.

Plan the transition process

A detailed and systematic end-to-end project management is necessary to ensure a smooth transition process. Whether it involves relocation to a new workspace location or not, having a clear and strategic plan with the assistance of retail and commercial fit out companies is deemed necessary to minimize risk and disruption of business operations. Our fit out construction and refurbishment services at Brandboy include full support and assistance from start to finish in the transition process of your space transformation.

Colours and Lighting

As part of enhancing the company’s brand, you must pay close attention to the consistency of the colours to make your brand more recognizable by your clients and prospective customers. Also, keep in mind that palette colours can change depending on the lighting. Proper lighting is essential for the well-being and work productivity of the employees.

Accessible workspaces

Workspaces should be able to accommodate a variety of accessibility requirements. A well-designed office creates a less stressful and more productive environment. Employers must take into account their employees’ physical working environment. To accomplish their best work, employees must feel at ease and peaceful in their physical work environments.

Brandboy has considerable experience working on several fit out construction and refurbishment projects Australia-wide. We have a network of office fit out contractors Australia-wide that can assist you with the commitment of delivering the service on time and within budget. We have helped in successfully transforming spaces of several leading companies from a variety of sectors including retail, commercial, healthcare, corporate, and public transport. Included in our office fit out and refurbishment services are concrete repair, flooring, internal and external signages, media walls, structural repair, waterproofing and tiling, glazing and replacements, solar panel installation, custom-built joinery, plumbing, EV charging installation, electricals and data, external and internal painting, fire door installation, strata works and other necessary maintenance works.

If you’d like to learn more about how retail and commercial office fit out and refurbishment can benefit your business, please contact a member of our team by signing up our form. Or give us a call now and we’ll be happy to assist you as soon as possible.


The increasing number of strata properties belonging to retail and commercial businesses in Sydney is apparent proof that strata developments now are prevalent among business owners and investors. Many business organizations also recognize that owning a property is more cost-effective than renting a space. No doubt, there are more than 83,000 strata schemes in NSW and projected to increase by 1,000 each year based on NSW government statistics. For sure, the strata trend is expected to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.

But what exactly is strata?

The concept of strata was first developed in New South Wales and has been adopted across Australia and around the globe. When you purchase a unit or a “lot” into a strata scheme, not only that you have individual ownership over a property, but also you can share ownership of the common property. Any part of the buildings on the strata plan that is not part of the strata lot is considered as common property. For example, common properties could comprise the elevators, halls, lobbies, gardens, pools, gyms, facade, external areas, and walkways in a condominium building.

Strata properties commonly include residential houses, condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. But strata developments have also been widely used in commercial, industrial, and retail spaces (e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices, parking lots, resorts, etc).

Role of Strata Property Owners

Property owners under the strata schemes automatically become members of the owner’s corporation. And as a member, they have the corresponding rights and responsibilities that go along with their strata title. Strata lot owners can exercise their rights to participate and vote in general meetings, request certain records from the strata council, and obtain insurance for loss or damage to their strata lot. But also, they have the responsibility to pay for the regular strata and levies fees. They must also follow the work orders from local authorities concerning their strata lot, as well as repair of all parts of their unit/lot and share with the maintenance costs of the common property as required by the bylaws and regulations. The property owners of every building should prioritize regular property maintenance and make sure they create improvements to increase the value of their assets.

Importance of Repair and Maintenance in Strata Scheme

Same with the other property management scheme, everyone entitled to the strata plan must be well concerned with the longevity and upkeep of the properties. Routine monitoring and inspections can detect minor issues before they become big ones. Immediate refurbishments and renovations can also add value to the properties. Thus, performing regular repair and maintenance work should become one of the main priorities of strata management and strata lot owners.

Usually, the owner’s corporation, specifically the strata committee, administers the repair and upgrades of the common property, and each owner takes responsibility for anything within their property. For minor repairs to common property, these can often be handled by the strata committee without the need for a meeting. However, if major repairs and renovations are required, the owner’s corporation may have to meet to decide what to do. This may include a special levy to cover the repair and maintenance costs.

Before starting a renovation in your strata property, it’s important to review and check the by-laws to determine the requirements and approvals that must be obtained first. You need to understand also how to get repairs and maintenance done, as well as who is accountable for the costs. After the plan and budget are finalized and approved, you can select reliable contractors to conduct the maintenance, repair, or refurbishment works. If you’re a business owner, consider these essential works on your retail and commercial properties as a potential opportunity to transform your spaces and enhance business growth and development.

Get High-Quality Services for your Strata Properties

To assist the strata company management and strata property owners, Brandboy offers a wide range of trade services in refurbishments, renovation, and maintenance of their facilities and properties. Our services include internal and external refurbishment, concrete repair, epoxy flooring, structural repair, waterproofing and tiling, glazing and replacements, electricals, external and internal painting, and other necessary remedial and maintenance works. We have a skilled and expert network of tradesperson who can assist you with the strata works and upgrades of your retail and commercial properties across Australia and New Zealand. We can also add value for each unit owner by providing full refurbishment on their apartments, which includes all trades such as upgrades of the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, new walls and floors, and joinery pieces.

Contact us today at 0451 816 788 or send us an email at if you’d like to learn more how we can assist with your strata properties.


When setting up an office space, many business owners primarily concentrate on the equipment, furniture, technology and data. Admittedly, there are tiny but essential details that are often overlooked. One of the essential components in the office that also requires special attention is internal signage. Why? Aside from being an effective source of helpful information, internal signages and graphics also bring a positive impact to your clients, visitors, and employees.

Let’s dig deeper into the advantages of internal office signage and why it matters to your business.

Promote the company’s brand

Making a good first impression is crucial to every business. For every individual who visits your place of business, you might want to captivate their attention and turn each of them into a loyal customer. By having signage and graphics inside your office and establishments, you can effectively promote your brand. When you strategically customize the signs with your company’s logo, style, and colours, you can reinforce your brand to your customer’s minds and make your company unique and stand out among your competitors.

Also, suppose your company undertakes a major or just a simple rebrand. In that case, you can utilize the updated internal signage to boost the brand identity and introduce the changes cost-effectively. Indeed, the consistent and high-quality signage inside your office can leave a positive impression on your potential clients and help them trust your brand and service even more.

Create a professional work environment

Professional-looking internal signages will make your business appear more organized and well-managed. Investing in these high-quality signages can promote a greater sense of professionalism in your company. Research suggests that appropriate internal signages contribute to work productivity among employees. It creates the ideal working environment for collaboration and teamwork and can make your employees foster a more profound feeling of corporate belongingness. These positive vibes within the workplace can be reflected in the quality of your employee’s work and their positive dealings with your clients.

Provide helpful information and advertisements

Through the internal signages in your business premises, you can effectively communicate with your existing and potential clients and your employees. Wayfinding (directional), safety and instructional signs are very effective vehicles to promote productivity and efficiency in the workplace and avoid potential hazards within your facilities.

Also, using promotional signs and advertisements inside your business space can convey that you value your customer’s time by providing them with the necessary information directly right before their eyes. While external advertising is advantageous for attracting individuals to visit your business, internal signage and graphics can enhance customer satisfaction and experience, making it more likely for them to come back again and patronize your service and products.


As proven by many successful companies, having creative and engaging signages inside the workplace can improve employees’ and customers’ overall experience and help elevate the company’s brand. Brandboy has helped many companies to reap such benefits by putting up high-quality internal signages in their offices and stores. We offer different signage solutions such as wayfinding, experiential architecture, fascia, pylon, billboards and banners, LED lightboxes, and digital signages. We can also create graphics wall to highlight a section of your office and promote an engaging atmosphere.

Check out the latest project of Brandboy in installing office signage of Moody Kiddell & Partners (MK&P) in Cremorne, Victoria.

The Brandboy team of professionals has worked with some of Australia’s top 100 companies to implement various signage solutions within their offices and business establishments in multi-site business locations. We have a network of reliable and proven signage designers and installers Australia-wide that can assist you in putting up signages with the commitment of delivering the service on time and within budget.

Schedule a consultation with Brandboy or contact us at 0451 816 788 if you want to learn more about our signage installation services.