Why Digital Signage Is Important For Education Field

To keep up with modern advancements and innovations, the use of digital signage in Australia has already become prevalent in numerous fields, including the education sector. Gone were the days when school announcements and promotions were primarily communicated through print media such as brochures and flyers. These traditional practices are already considered outdated as most people are now focused on digital media. That’s why many school administrators and educators are moved to integrate into their institutions the latest technology, mainly digital signage and displays. Let’s take a look on the important benefits of using digital signage in schools and how Brandboy can assist you in putting up cost-effective signages.   

Provide adaptable wayfinding signage       

With the various events that can occur in schools, it’s essential to provide directions to students, teachers, and visitors in an adaptive and organized manner. Digital signs for schools have the advantage of allowing you to change the wayfinding signage in accordance with specific events, such as during a school opening ceremony, sports competition, or graduation. Digital signage can effectively display school maps and navigations, which can be much helpful especially to new students and visitors in reaching their respective destinations. The interactive and engaging display signs were found to be more efficient than those printed maps and brochures. Especially since educational institutions nowadays comprise large and expansive buildings and campuses, digital signage plays an important role in making wayfinding convenient and accessible.

Increase learning motivation

Students nowadays feel at ease in learning new things on digital screens. Due to the visually appealing graphics and content, digital displays keep the students from becoming distracted or bored, boosting their desire to learn and participate.

Enhances Safety and Awareness 

School personnel and administrators can utilize digital signages as an effective channel for conveying urgent and up-to-date information. During emergency situations like earthquakes, fires, or school shootings, digital signages allow real-time alerts and announcements to keep the students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe. Also, digital signages can be a great tool to spread awareness and remind certain health and safety protocols, especially in crowded spaces in a school such as gymnasium, cafeteria, playground, and corridors.


Implementing the use of digital signage in schools and universities can be one of the best decisions to be made by the school management. And to offer you the best digital signage solutions in Australia, Brandboy is constantly improving the quality and cost-effectivity of the digital signs and displays to be installed. The Brandboy team can supply and install multiple display screens and digital signage for schools and drive the content across the campus. We can assist you in transforming spaces and putting up signages with the commitment of delivering the service on time and within budget. We offer digital signage solutions such as wayfinding, experiential architecture, LED TV screens, video and graphic walls, customs signs, and safety signs in school.

We also have a proven track record in the installation of digital signs within retail and commercial stores, shopping centres, trade exhibition sites, corporate firms, industrial sites, entertainment and hospitality facilities, and public transport infrastructure agencies Australia-wide.

To discover more about how you can adopt digital signage and enjoy its benefits, schedule a consultation with Brandboy. Or contact us today at 0451 816 788, and we’ll be glad to assist you.