Every year, modern and innovative trends penetrate the marketing industry, and these advancements are also being adopted in the usage of signage. Especially now that business operations are returning to normal and stringent pandemic restrictions are being lifted, many businesses are again utilizing various advertising techniques to attract people to visit their business establishments.

Let’s check some of the prevalent signage trends that can help your business thrive.

3D signage

The design of 3D signage makes it possible to efficiently integrate visual effects and aesthetic impact that can draw more customers. As the 3D animation can make the letterings, graphics, and logos stand out, the signage can easily catch the attention of the people. Many signage companies use different kinds of signage materials, such as aluminium metal, acrylics, plastics, PVC, vinyl, stainless steel, and lightweight foam. They can also strategize the use of vivid colours and textures to bring an appealing vibe to the signages.

Popular Signage Trends

Motion Graphics

Contemporary signage can be integrated with motion graphics and captivating animations. These signages are effective nowadays as static images can be considered dull and boring, especially by the millennials. It is challenging to grab the audience’s attention in a fast-paced environment like busy streets, wide shopping centres, and crowded stations. But through the use of engaging and eye-catching motion graphics in your signages, you can promote your brand in an efficient way.

Interactive Customer Experience

Signages with interactive displays help business owners in providing satisfying customer experience and engagement. For example, they can integrate touchscreens into their signages to let the customer scroll and explore the stored company data and information. Or they can also take advantage of the QR Codes, which are very helpful in easy app downloads and information access by simply scanning through their smartphones and mobile devices.

Minimalist design and colours

Having minimalistic style is highly prevalent nowadays . Many customers now are drawn to clutter-free and clean design, consequently they prefer more to look at minimalist signage with clear, concise message.


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