Ev Charger Installation – A Worthy Investment For Businesses

Nowadays, Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is booming across the globe. According to the Electric Vehicle Council, the number of electric vehicles in Australia tripled in the past year from 6,900 in 2020 to 20,665 in 2021. This significant increase in sales indicates that plug-in electric vehicles are getting more popular in this generation and most likely, more people will switch to electric vehicles in the years to come.

It’s not surprising that electric vehicles economic boom is occurring nowadays. Many car users are now appreciating the benefits of using electric vehicles which include lower running and maintenance costs, better driving experience, and convenience. Also, the major benefit of electric vehicles is the contribution towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and thus minimizing air pollution. Research has proven that electric vehicles are environment-friendly. And as modern technology gets traction, car manufacturers will likely produce even more efficient and sustainable EVs.

Ev Charger Installation

As the use of electric vehicles is increasing in Australia, electric vehicle charging stations are also in high demand. If you’re an owner of retail or commercial stores, shopping centres, petrol stations, or workshops, you might want to consider investing in EV charging stations.

Here are some of the reasons why you should install Electric Vehicle charging stations in your place of business now.

EV Charging Stations Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Installing electric vehicle charging stations outside your store or shop will bring in new customers and encourage existing ones to return. EV drivers are more inclined to patronize business establishments with EV charging stations. In the coming years, more customers will anticipate EV charging stations from their favorite stores, restaurants, hotels, and shops – and if they don’t, they will likely switch to your competitors which can offer the full service.

EV Charging Stations Improve Company Image and Reputation

Most people are now aware of the good effect of electric vehicles on the environment. Thus, adding EV charging stations outside your place of business will effectively demonstrate your commitment and care for the environment. Clients are greatly attracted to reach out to businesses with social responsibility and dedication for a greener community. As more of your clients, employees, and visitors switch to electric vehicles and plug into your charging stations, you will get a positive reputation because of less air pollution within your business.

EV Charging Stations Boost Sales and Revenue

While your clients wait for their vehicle to charge, most likely they’ll purchase additional products or services from your store. Especially during this pandemic, more people preferred not to go to different locations to avoid social contacts, thus encouraging your customers to stay longer at your business. More time spent in your business premises means more opportunity to make sales. As you think of ways to increase sales revenue this year, using your business location to host EV charging stations should be one of your main priorities.

EV Charging Station

Ready to have EV charging station at your place of business?

Of course, electric vehicle users would most likely prefer high-quality, safe, and reliable charging stations. Therefore, an expert understanding of the establishment’s electrical system and the EV charger is highly required for safe installation. Without the expert knowledge and skills, the installation process could fail, putting your charger’s safety and performance at risk. You surely don’t want to risk that. It’s advisable to always hire a qualified and experienced EV charger installer.

Brandboy’s professional team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that EV charging stations and outlets are properly installed and well-maintained. When it comes to electric vehicle technology, Brandboy always makes sure to be up-to-date with the latest developments to provide better service to clients.

Brandboy consistently follows required standards and practices to ensure that your EV charging station is completely functional and long-lasting. Contact us today to learn more about our installation service solutions.