Making the first impression is one of the situations that you can’t do repeatedly. And as many people would agree, the first impression lasts. It takes a long time to reverse the impact of the first few seconds of experience and observation. Therefore, business owners who greatly value the reputation of their company must pay close attention to the layout design and construction of the space that typically seen first by their clients – the lobbies and receptions.


To create a favourable lasting impression to your clients, take note of the following tips and guidelines for retail and commercial lobby design and fit-out.


Functionality and Space Optimization

While clients and customers may appreciate the aesthetic appeal of your business establishment’s office lobby and reception, they inevitably place a higher value on how functional the spaces are and how they can use the area for their convenience. On this account, it’s crucial to consider the needs of your visitors. Do they have sufficient space to sit comfortably while waiting for their business to be completed? Are there clear internal signages that can help them for easy navigation of specific areas such as reception desk, elevators, bathrooms, or conference hall? 

By taking into account the various type of visitors you anticipate coming to your business space, you may strategically identify the different functions that your office reception area can serve.

Reflection of the Company’s Brand 

As you think of effective ways of welcoming your current clients and potential leads to your business space, try sending them the right message about your brand through the displays and graphics that will be present in your lobbies and receptions. The visual representations, including the colour schemes, need to be consistent with the company’s brand story and style. Even the furniture, lighting, and equipment you put in the lobby and reception can be carefully chosen and even be custom-made in accordance with the company’s brand design. Having an accurate reflection of your brand in your reception area can set your customers’ appropriate mood and expectations towards your business.


Lobbies Fit-Out and Design

Comfort and Productivity

When people visit your business establishments, not all their concerns or inquiries can be catered to immediately. You surely want to ensure that they have a satisfying experience and be convenient as possible as they stay first in the reception area. It’s good to have books, magazines, and other reading materials related to your industry, as well as valuable amenities like power outlets and accessible Wi-Fi. You can also go the extra mile in impressing your visitors by putting a coffee counter machine or water station in the reception area to provide some refreshments to them.


Even if you’re in the corporate, commercial and retail business or the hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment industry, having an impressive and optimal lobby and reception can be a wise investment. To maximize the return on this worthy investment, it’s essential to seek expert guidance from reputable fit-out and refurbishment companies.

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