Effective Construction Project Management In Australia

To effectively complete a construction and fit-out project, there should be a good and organized construction project management system. Like any other project, significant processes need to be understood and executed well in each phase to ensure overall success. Regardless of the size and sector, conceptualizing the construction process as a whole must be one of the top considerations of the project manager.

Five Stages of Construction Project Management

1. Initiation Stage

Before starting a construction project, it is best to figure out first all the details that encompass the project such as the goals, objectives, scope of work, budget, key management involved, risk management strategy, and other related considerations. If applicable, a feasibility study can be valuable to assess the project’s deliverables and determine whether the project is worth undertaking and realistic.

2. Planning Stage

During the planning stage, the project team will develop strategic plans that will serve as guide documents in implementing the construction project’s cost, scope, and timeline. Some of the plans that need to be finalized and submitted for approval by the client include the project scope plan, work breakdown structure,budget and cost analysis plan, maintenance plan, communication plan, risk management plan, and resource plan. Site audit and assessment, as well as the processing of council and other government approvals, are also being administered during this construction phase.

3. The Execution Stage

At this stage, all of the project plans are put into actual work. After finalizing all the document plans, the project team begins to meet up with all the concerned individuals such as engineers, certifiers, architects, contractors and builders. They will also assign tasks and resources, and implement all the project management plans. During this construction stage, the contractors led by the Head of Contract take responsibility for completing all the trades according to the given schedule and budget. Typically, the Head of Contract is also responsible for procurement and tender management, value engineering, and certification management. When problems and unforeseen occurrences take place on-site, the project plans will be updated and modified, and appropriate adjustments will be made to keep the project on track.

Construction Project Management

4. The Monitoring Stage

In this stage, the construction project’s performance is monitored and controlled to ensure that all the actions taken align with the overall project management plan. Typically, the monitoring stage takes place simultaneously with the execution stage to track progress and ensure that the project stays within the budget and on a scheduled timeline.

5. Closure Stage

The completion of the project brings the construction process to the final phase. The project closure involves a meeting of the construction project manager and the client to discuss project reports and identify both the accomplishments and deficiencies. At this point, the project team will create a punch list of any remaining tasks, address irregularities, and wrap up the project. Once the final inspections have been completed, the project must be approved and handed over to the client.


Indeed, construction project management is a complex endeavour that entails dealing with various concerns. Good team management skills and extensive professional experience in the construction industry are necessary to succeed in this field.

If you’re looking for a reputable construction and fit-out company that can offer you a complete project management solution for the overall construction process, Brandboy should be at the top of your consideration. Brandboy has a broad background and experience in construction project management, mainly as the Head of Contract, for a wide range of industries in Australia, including retail, commercial, corporate, public transportation, industrial, entertainment, and medical.

Check out the recent construction and fit-out project of Brandboy for Hertz Australia and Thrifty Dollar in Perth Airport.

As the Head of Contract, Brandboy has implemented the end-to-end construction project management in transforming spaces – from the initiation stage to the closure stage. We have conducted several preliminary activities such as inductions, site surveys and audits, structural engineering certification and drawing, graphic layout and design, resources mobilization, traffic management, and council approvals. The construction phase involves the movement of the existing Hertz Booth to the new location. We have completed all construction trades, including external roofing, vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, internal painting, exterior wall paneling and installation, ramps, air conditioning, signage installation, and joinery. Also, Brandboy has disconnected the Thrifty and Dollar booth and repositioned it to a new location. Services include new external walls, painting and signages, and connecting the existing ramp to the booth.

Throughout the construction process, quality control is constantly monitored, and we make sure that the project’s schedule and budget are not overlooked. We also have a maintenance plan to keep the asset and building property in the best condition at all times. If any adjustments are deemed necessary, we promptly implement the variations to ensure that the project is completed effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about our complete and effective construction project management, please contact a member of our team by signing up for our form. Or give us a call now at 0451 816 788, and we’ll be happy to address all your concerns about your next construction and fit-out project.