Effective Approach To Your Next Multi-site Projects

Having multiple branches and extensions across diverse locations in the country indicates positive business growth and success. Your company’s expansion shows that there’s an increasing number of people patronizing your business and also, more new business opportunities to a wider target market. Still, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure continuous progress of your business not just in one site, but all throughout the different locations.


Many business owners along with their management team face a significant challenge when the company needs an update in their branding or even refurbishment and renovations in the stores or offices. Managing project teams, as well as considering budget and timelines, can already be a daunting task in a single site, thus significantly more complex when multiple locations are involved. Moreover, the management needs to take extra attention to the consistency in all aspects of the projects across the different business sites. If not, the quality of the brand image might be at risk and that could lead to a negative reputation of the company.


Multi-site rebranding and refurbishment projects require detailed planning and intensive collaboration to ensure the project’s success. Thus, expert knowledge and competent skills are very essential to attain flawless implementation of multi-site projects. With this in mind, many businesses have already resorted to outsourcing an expert project management team with proven experience in multi-site construction projects on a national level. And that smart decision save them from a lot of stress, risks, budget overruns, and disruptions.


Take a look for example the well-known car rental company Hertz. Last December 1, Hertz has officially taken over management of the Thrifty and Dollar Car rental brands in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. The significant transition in the company involves a lot of undertaking as Hertz will be adding the two brands across all the existing Hertz locations in all three countries.

Here in Australia, Hertz designated the professional project management team of Brandboy to oversee the multi-site rollout projects in their different retail stores and offices across the country including in Cairns, Sydney, Perth, and Darwin. Last year, Brandboy has successfully upgraded the car rental booth of Hertz Australia in Cairns airport. Among the necessary refurbishments made was the installation of the eye-catching external and internal signage of the Thrifty and Dollar brands.

Recently, Brandboy completed the end-to-end project management process as the Head of Contract for the construction of a new building of Thrifty and Dollar in Sydney Domestic Terminal Airport. The project management team engaged in site survey and assessment, approval and certification processing, budget and cost analysis, structural engineering, construction services, quality assessment, and procurement management. From the planning to implementation stage, Brandboy ensured the provision of high-quality results without sacrificing the time and budget constraints of the project.

Check out these on-site work progress delivered by Brandboy for the Hertz- Thrifty & Dollar booth project in Sydney Airport.

Throughout the entire project, Brandboy assured that Hertz Australia receives the full documentation and status of the work progress in all site locations. Hertz can still focus on growing their core business, as Brandboy concentrate on their expertise on the overall fit-out process.

If you are looking for a reputable project management service provider to help you ease the load in your multi-site projects, Brandboy is a great choice. Here at Brandboy, we specialize in multi-site rollouts on a national and international level across Australia and New Zealand. By utilizing the latest technologies and targeting the budget, quality, and timelines, we can help multi-site businesses create interior and exterior transformations that can bring a positive return on investment (ROI) to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Contact us today to learn more about our multi-site project management solutions.