Business Recovery After Flood In Australia

Floods are natural occurrences, but they become a critical challenge when life and property are severely affected. For example, from late February to early March 2022 in Queensland and NSW Australia, torrential rains and catastrophic flooding have caused loss of lives and terrible destruction of thousands of properties.

Business Recovery After Flood

As much as residential homes are affected by the flood, commercial businesses also suffer significant losses due to disruption of their operations and damage to their commercial buildings and establishments. Undeniably, water damage caused by flooding can put businesses under financial strain. But amidst the costs involved in the restoration work after the flood, businesses made the right decision when they take immediate action and appropriate measures to minimize further hazards.

When businesses neglect to implement necessary refurbishments, repair, and remedial works to their commercial properties, serious risks, as outlined below, can arise.

Decrease in property value

Experts agree that extreme weather conditions such as flooding will diminish the value of the commercial property. The drop in value is greater for those properties that have been flooded to greater depths and in areas where flooding occurs frequently. If not properly repaired and restored, a commercial property can be devalued substantially due to flood damage.

Structural damage

Flooding destabilizes the structure of your commercial properties which can cause extensive damage to the foundation of the buildings. Especially if water leakage is not detected and addressed for a long period of time, the structures can begin to rot and soften. Structural damage to a commercial building can be alarming and the property can be considered unsuitable for occupation and business operations.

Concrete degradation

Buildings that have been flooded may eventually reveal signs of concrete degradation. Excess water impacts negatively on the concrete slab of your commercial property. The pressure and weight of the floodwater on a structure can trigger cracks and breaches in the concrete. As a result, the concrete may move or collapse due to the change in the ground surface and stability.

Mould Contamination

Heavy rain and excessive humidity have caused mould growth on ceilings, walls, furniture, or in any flooded areas within your commercial property. If particular areas in the building are not treated immediately, mould infestation can cause a range of health problems, including runny nose, sore throat, cough, and skin and eye irritation. Mould cleanup, as well as mould damage repairs, need to be undertaken to protect your employees and clients from health risks and complications.

Electrical damage

Floodwaters can cause damage to the electrical system including circuit breakers, fuses, transformers, wiring, light fixtures, and appliances. Once power is restored, water-damaged wiring and components are still at risk of fire and electrical failure. Even the problems may not appear right away, electrical fallout due to water damage will likely occur over time. To avoid post-flood consequences, it is therefore advisable that electrical components and equipment be inspected and replaced.


Floods must have caused a traumatizing effect to many people, as well as to many businesses. But with the right motivation and proper coordination, you and your business can recover from the adverse effects of flooding. To avoid the further loss or perhaps the emergence of more serious issues, commercial structural repairs should be addressed as soon as possible. You may insist that the flood damage can be manageable on your own, but experts are trained to see problems that you could miss.

Brandboy is ready to assist in the massive repair and restoration works in retail and commercial establishments across Australia, particularly now at East Coast Queensland and NSW. Our maintenance team can go in and assist with all trades for refurbishment activities which include cleaning up, structural and concrete repairs, waterproofing, electrical power and data inspection and repair, flooring, painting, joinery, and other necessary remedial works. We understand how stressful dealing with flood damage can be, which is why we go above and beyond to provide a stress-free service. With our strong and reliable network of trades for service providers, we can help you get back to your business operations as smoothly as possible.

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